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Welcome to my contemplations on life – undefined, unfinished projects on the interrelation between dreams, emotion and empathy that nurture human dignity and connection.

I provide LGBTQ+ Friendly photography services for organizations and individuals, website photography, and sell fine art prints. See something you like? Email me!


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For decades, a nagging feeling existed inside me that I wanted something more out of life:  Who am I and what is my purpose on this planet? 

I didn’t want to just dream of being a different version of myself; I wanted to be as big as my dreams.   I asked myself:  If I don’t take a leap of faith into becoming my authentic self, will I look back one day and regret it?

I came out as transgender and started “transitioning” when I was 36 years old and found that humans have an infinite amount of bravery and courage in a world where “being yourself” is actually the hardest thing to do sometimes.   

I became a master of change and work to help others who long for change towards a more fulfilling life. It is not your responsibility to be the person society tells you to be!

“Giving back” to the community, I volunteer for Out Youth as a mentor for transgender young adults, ages 18-23 and for PFLAG support groups with LGBTQ+ families.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin and currently I am a certified life coach through the ICF accredited Coach Training Alliance Program.

But, I am so much more than labels! We are all unfinished projects and sometimes the most growth is found in the process, not the destination.

Project: Transition

My soul chose this body. The universe did not make a mistake – I am not a mistake. Something greater than me put me on the earth to help others but in order to do that, I had to transform.

Project: Without A Home

For three decades I have volunteered with underserved marginalized, or forgotten humans and animals- Austin State Hospital, Foundation for the Homeless, Out Youth, Austin Pets Alive – to name a few. You can never know just by looking at someone, what they battle on the inside. Despite all the social hierarchy and “othering”, we are all more alike than different. Compassion and empathy are the connective glue of humanity.

Project: Trans Faces

Trans is beautiful. Diverse. Unique. Successful. Questioning. Brave. Resilient. Ahead of their time – breaking the binary and progressing society into a more accepting, less judgmental, more open-minded planet to call home, for generations to come.

Project: Lives at Work

Fleeting moments in a life that lasts decades and we see that everything is temporary, even us. Where and how do we find meaning on this tiny rock, in this tiny solar system, in this one galaxy, in a universe that is billions of light years across? We are small yet strive to be so much.

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