Insistent. Persistent. Consistent.

Supporting a Gender Non-Conforming Child by Thinking Outside the Guidelines Insistent.  Persistent.  Consistent.  Community standards generally use these descriptions of behavior as a guideline or indicator that a child is serious about their gender identity. That being said, the absence of insistent, persistent and consistent articulation of one’s gender identity does not necessarily imply thatContinue reading “Insistent. Persistent. Consistent.”

Being Transgender is Not a Phase

Is Being Transgender “Just a Phase”? Let’s change the negative language and therefore, the stigma of being transgender. Is this a phase? Parents commonly ask when their child comes out as transgender.  It is most likely not a phase.  More on this here:  For most parents this news usually comes as a shock butContinue reading “Being Transgender is Not a Phase”

Being Transgender from a More Spiritual Perspective

I’ve been on a more spiritual journey for a while now – getting into yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, astrology and getting closer to a group of inspiring, spiritual people.  The past three years (or more) have been defined by massive preoccupation with the outer, physical body, gender and ego and the next curve in myContinue reading “Being Transgender from a More Spiritual Perspective”

Will I Regret Testosterone?

I worried for years that taking testosterone or “transitioning” could be the wrong decision.  What if NOT taking testosterone is the wrong decision?  What if I came out to everybody then changed my mind? What if this was a mistake but I had permanent changes? What if I looked in the mirror and hated the personContinue reading “Will I Regret Testosterone?”

Positive Perspective for Parents of Transgender Children

“I don’t want my child to be transgender because I don’t want them to have a difficult life.”  This is one of the most frequent things I hear parents say once they realize their child is transgender.  Parents grieve “the good life” for their child, assuming that trans people all live hard, sad lives ofContinue reading “Positive Perspective for Parents of Transgender Children”