For decades, a nagging feeling existed inside me that I wanted something more out of life:  Who am I and what is my purpose on this planet? 

I didn’t want to just dream of being a different version of myself; I wanted to be as big as my dreams.  I didn’t want to look back one day and wish I had done more with my time on this planet, feared less, and believed in myself more.  I did the internal and external work needed to move beyond that which held me back.  I asked myself:  If I don’t take a leap of faith into becoming my authentic self, will I look back one day and regret it?

I came out as transgender and started “transitioning” when I was 36 years old.  I learned more about myself and humanity throughout that journey than the three previous decades combined and found that humans have an infinite amount of bravery and courage in a world where “being yourself” is actually the hardest thing to do sometimes.   As a coach and mentor, to help others find their own courage and happiness is my life’s purpose and I have immense gratitude for those who are willing to share their stories and vulnerabilities! 

I am a traveler, a photographer and a writer with the gift of helping others shift their perspectives in a positive way, opening up new doors to fulfillment.  Astrology, music, concerts, and enjoying nature are some of my many hobbies.

People find me to be inspiring, motivating, and transformative.  I am disciplined, personable, and compassionate. 

“Giving back” to the community, I volunteer for Out Youth as a mentor for transgender young adults, ages 18-23 and for PFLAG support groups with LGBTQ+ people of all ages and their parents, partners and loved ones.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin and currently I am a certified life coach through the ICF accredited Coach Training Alliance Program.

Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance

International Coach Federation Code of Ethics.


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