Recycling our “Mental Garbage” into Something Better

I am continually inspired by the bravery, self-awareness and beauty of my clients.  Recently, one in particular was so candid and spoke so vividly that I continue to contemplate the breakthrough that we shared.   

They came into the conversation tormented by a head full of self doubt and confusion, and ingeniously likened  that to rotting garbage in their mind – the trash at the top is easier to sift through – it is fresher and stinks less.  As you descend deeper into the trash bag, things start to get pretty mucky -a  decayed, rotting, slimy mess and you can longer tell what it is or what purpose it once served. 

Isn’t this how the depths of the mind can be?  Stagnant thoughts, self doubt, and fear become such an ingrained part of our psyche and self that it feels near impossible to get to the root cause of a problem. 

We quickly become overwhelmed! Furthermore, it becomes easier and easier to let ourselves become that garbage!

Two things come up here: Let’s pick a few of the most important issues and get to that root cause, shift,  then move forward into confidence.

Next, it is ok to let go of the rest.  Give yourself permission to let go.

Everything on this planet is temporary, even us. All our things, all of our problems, all of our emotions – all temporary.  Every one of us will  die then rot one day just as every piece of garbage decomposes.  

So why do we hold on so tight?

Every rotting thing becomes fertilizer. This stuff that we label garbage is actually birth or continuation of life for something or someone else.  Without the stench of rot and decay, we would all cease to exist. There would be no soil, no food, no life. 

We all have “garbage” in our heads but I see a beautiful opportunity to reframe what garbage means. 

If we let go of our attachment to it, what could we become capable of?  Let those negative thoughts die out – they have reached the end of their life cycle. They are now the fertilizer that will propel you into the person you dream of being.  What do you want out of life? What brings you joy?  Where do you go to experience a sense of awe on this planet?  

Starting today, wake up every morning and believe that all of that self-doubt, criticism, comparison, confusion, and sadness has now become fertilizer for a more peaceful existence.   It is now being released back into the earth and recycled into something better!

Give yourself permission to go for what you desire in life.  Give yourself permission to show the world who you really are!

Published by Christian

I am a Certified Life Coach at Out and Proud Life Coaching, LLC. I started out helping transgender individuals and their parents through all stages of transition. As a master of change, I have now expanded to also work with people who have a nagging feeling that they want something more out of life but are hindered by fear of change, transition, or difficult decisions. Please visit to subscribe to my newsletter or sign up for a free 30-minutes session so you can experience what coaching feels like!

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