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I am a certified Life Coach based in Austin, TX. I help parents of transgender children navigate their personal journey and gain understanding so they can best support their child. I provide resources and support during transition so parents do not have to feel as though they are treading water alone. Parents learn what their child is going through while also processing their own emotions and obstacles, guilt-free. Parents are in a unique position to teach their child how to turn differences into superpowers!

As a transgender man, I also enjoy accompanying transgender adults to unravel issues of gender identity, coming out to loved ones, and transitioning through all stages so they go from hiding to thriving!

As an action-oriented mentor, using my unique gifts and knowledge of the inner workings of the trans experience, I can provide tools and support to broaden your perspectives, guide you out of the chaos of the mind, and get you moving forward on your (or your child’s) personal journey.

Within every one of us, there is a hero and the world needs you!

Are you the parent of a transgender child and need help navigating your new reality?

Do you have a transgender child and need help understanding their experience?

Are you afraid and confused about your or your child’s future as a trans-identified person?

Have you transitioned or “come out” but are having trouble finding confidence in your new role?

“You’ll never know who you are unless you shed who you pretend to be.

― Vironika Tugaleva


Broken, We are Not

Transgender people aren’t having a hard time because they are transgender; they are having a hard time because society has decided that being transgender is a bad thing.  People have drawn a conclusion in order to organize their own world and transgender people are caught in that crossfire.  People bought into this negative view butContinue reading “Broken, We are Not”

Being Transgender is Not a Phase

Is Being Transgender “Just a Phase”? Let’s change the negative language and therefore, the stigma of being transgender. Is this a phase? Parents commonly ask when their child comes out as transgender.  It is most likely not a phase.  More on this here: https://www.hrc.org/resources/transgender-children-and-youth-understanding-the-basics  For most parents this news usually comes as a shock butContinue reading “Being Transgender is Not a Phase”