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I am a professional Life Coach living in Austin, TX and my passion is helping LGBTQ+ individuals to navigate the confusing and scary, but rewarding journey of authentically showing up in the world.  I believe that every human is worthy of unapologetically living their truth despite who society thinks they should be.  As a transgender man, I enjoy accompanying clients to unravel issues of gender or sexual identity, coming out to loved ones, and transitioning by letting go of years of societal norms and expectations so they can rise to their full potential.  

As humans who fall on the LGBTQ+ continuum, our lives can consist of greater-than-average hurdles, challenges, and wounds but we are in a unique position to turn our differences into our greatest superpowers!

Let me help you to find the motivation and courage needed to overcome obstacles that hold you back.   As a coach, I can help you move past years of self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk to empower you to create your own definitions of your unique self. I want to help you feel profoundly comfortable in your own skin.

Coaching is a highly powerful, co-creative process of communication and problem solving in a safe environment. As an action-oriented mentor, using my unique gifts and experience, I can provide tools and support to broaden your perspectives, guide you out of the chaos of the mind, and get you moving forward on your personal journey.

Coaching relies on shared trust and wisdom.  It is the most empowering feeling to have another person validate what you already know in the deepest part of your heart and soul.

Within every one of us, there is a hero and the world needs you!

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Are you hiding your true self?

Do you feel like you have not yet reached your full potential?

Do you feel stuck or stagnant?

Have you transitioned or “come out” but are having trouble finding confidence in your new role?

Have you transitioned and are now trying to figure out where to go next in life?

Do you experience conflict or confusion towards expectations inside or outside of your LGBTQ+ culture?

“You’ll never know who you are unless you shed who you pretend to be.

― Vironika Tugaleva


Am I Transgender?

People usually think of “coming out” as an external thing – having to tell family and friends, but for me, “coming out” to myself was by far the hardest and most confusing battle and can’t be summarized in a single blog post. Growing up, my brother and I lacked strict gender expectations from our parents. Continue reading “Am I Transgender?”